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What people say about us

Evaluation by delegates of the 3rd
Australian Capital Region Nursing and
Midwifery Research Centre Biennial
Conference, Canberra 2014

"Roger Watson was fantasic.
I got a lot from his talk.
I get anxious about writing
and Roger made me feel
confident to give it a go."

Professor Fiona Irvine of
Liverpool John Moores University wrote:
"We really did have a good outcome
from the writing workshops

that we ran last year.
Eventually 10 out of 12 submitted
for publication

and of those several
have now been accepted..."

Other comments

"A fabulous workshop"

"a fantastic experience"

"de-mystified the process of writing for publication"

"relaxed with a supportive atmosphere"

"positive and enlightening experience"

"stimulating and informative"

"clear and accessible"

Hazel Chapman, Senior Lecturer, University of Chester...

...who went on to publish two papers and to write a book, said:
"I was really inspired and am so glad I attended your workshop;
I have attended others but I think it’s often about engaging with people
and being enthusiastic.
You brought a lot of energy to the session
and also made me feel that it wasn’t something that other people do,
or was above me, so I almost gave myself permission to try because of it."

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